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One in five of LAMDA’s students are American and their full experience at LAMDA and in London has been harder hit than some of the more local students. Rachel Cockerton, LAMDA’s Student Wellbeing Manager, has met with many of our American students over the past few months experiencing anxiety and depression;

‘I think students from the United States have struggled with the isolation caused by the pandemic with restrictions preventing them from engaging socially with other students, while being a long way from family and friends. Many are unable to go home to the US over the Holidays due to the time taken to quarantine and are quite anxious about that. They are hugely grateful that LAMDA provides not only the wellbeing and resilience programme, but that we additionally offer short term therapy free to students in need, making it all the more reason to sustain and increase these services.’

LAMDA aims to provide additional resources for students and is putting in place a buddy system for the holiday period to ensure students will not feel isolated.

Your help to increase these services would be invaluable.

We are one third of the way to achieving our target to unlock matched funding of $40,000. If you donate today your donation will be doubled and it will really help us to be able to provide additional support for our students at this critical time.

On behalf of LAMDA and its students we would like to say a huge thank you. You are about to do something really special.  

Please hear from LAMDA alum Dame Harriet Walter on our student wellbeing crisis by clicking on this video link

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You can donate online or email [email protected]. No matter the sum, all donations are greatly appreciated and can make a real difference. 

Thank you to all of those who have donated. 

A quote from our special supporter

"My charitable trust would like to help LAMDA further develop their wonderful programme of student mental health and wellbeing support. I am therefore delighted to be able to offer match funding up to $40,000 with any donations you may be able to raise for this crucial initiative. 

I believe it is vital at this stressful and uncertain time to support students, to ensure they thrive during their training and build resilience as they enter the industry, by raising as much as we can for this programme. In this way we can all help LAMDA to provide their students with the relevant support they need at this critical time.”